We started riding as a group back in early 2016. After 3 years and a lot of riding, fun and happiness a reviews page has now been added. Hopefully this will encourage new people to join in, who maybe aren't sure what they are letting themselves in for. Well if a few hours fun, bringing joy and wonderment to the public who witness our amazing machines buzzing along isn't for you then keep that Solex in your garage gathering dust. OR you could turn up at the Grand Depart, say hi and we will make you very welcome and an equal part of our crazy company. We are an assortment of characters who know there's no fun in normal.

Reviews taken from our Facebook page and Velosolex Club UK. 

Send me your review - I must be crazy!

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Brian Solex

These are true Solexists
Very well done website.

David Lindy

Yes. We are a great bunch! We are steadily growing, now attracting fellow nuts from as far away as the West Midlands, West Hertfordshire, and Suffolk. There is even a proposed visit from a number of Dutch velosolexists that we met at the Velosolex rally in Oosteerbeek last summer. By the way I am better known in the group as Bowser Bill as I always (nearly) carry enough fuel to supply ......our leader when he runs out!

Anthony Coleman

Having been on a couple of ride outs with the SXVELSOLEX.CO.UK 
I think we have changed a lot of people attitude towards mopeds when they see us going by . 
Because it brings a smile on their faces, and sometimes they point and laugh. That's got to to be good thing for the moped community 
So get out and put a smile back in Essex . VIVE LE Tobe

Diesel Dave (DD)

We have tee shirts and now also business cards to thrust upon an unsuspecting public, has to be the worlds worst biker gang.


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